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Walton-on-Thames: 01932 988348

Guildford: 01483 808585

London: 0203 9486393

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We buy and recycle all quantities of uPVC windows & door frames from both trade and public customers. Contact us today and turn your plastic waste into additional revenue.


As a leading recycling company with multiple locations across Surrey and London, we are committed to ensuring our uPVC recycling process is as environmentally friendly as possible, ensuring your waste uPVC materials are disposed of in a safe and sustainable manner.

Whether you are a home improvement specialist, demolition contractor, waste management company or a local tradesman, we can provide a simple solution for all your uPVC recycling needs, with our purchasing team making sure the process is as smooth as possible, from collection all the way through to recycling.


Our strict uPVC recycling process ensures there is full traceability of all the plastic waste we buy. All commodities collected are ethically and sustainably reused, with start to finish paperwork to prove your plastic waste has been responsibly recycled and diverted away from landfill.

Once the uPVC frames have entered our facilities, the process can begin.


The uPVC is shredded down to sub 70MM in size. This allows us to separate metals and non-metallic materials like rubber, glass, zinc and steel from the uPVC.


Next our state of the art system sorts the uPVC into different colours and finished categories. This allows us to control the quality of the pellets we produce.


The pellets are then shipped off for their final process to extruders around the globe to be manufactured back into new uPVC products.


As a registered uPVC recycler with the Environment Agency, all of our uPVC recycling is conducted in accordance with UK regulations. Specialising in uPVC window recycling as well as uPVC Door and Frame recycling, we accept and process any quantity of waste uPVC in the forms outlined below.

Contractor using a screw driver to remove a uPVC window for recycling


All types of uPVC windows are accepted. All glass and wood must be removed.

uPVC front door slightly ajar


All glass and wood must be removed from uPVC doors but door handles can remain.

uPVC back door leading out to garden


All types and colours accepted. Glass and wood must be removed but rubber seals can remain.


We have put together some of the more commonly asked questions regarding uPVC recycling and our services. If there is something not covered in the questions below however, please feel free to contact us.

  • Why is uPVC recycling important?

    uPVC recycling plays an important role in preventing waste uPVC from ending up in landfill.

    By recycling uPVC windows, doors and frames, waste uPVC is successfully diverted away from landfill and reused in the production of new uPVC products, giving the waste uPVC a whole new lease of life. This in turn, helps reduce carbon emissions and lower energy consumption.

  • What does uPVC recycling involve?

    Once the waste uPVC has entered our recycling facilities it is shredded into tiny pellets. This process allows us to remove unwanted material like rubber and metal. From there, the uPVC is sorted into different colours.

    After the pellets have been sorted into the various colours and categories they are finally ready to be shipped off to uPVC manufacturers to be used in new products.


At Total Metal Recycling we buy a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals including end of life scrap vehicles, all at competitive prices. Click the quote buttons below for a quote.

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With our large fleet of trucks we provide a fast, efficient and cost effective uPVC waste collection service throughout Surrey and London. As members of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme you can be safe in the knowledge that we are FORS accredited.

Our fleet consists of articulated bulkers, all sized roll on off bins, skips, smaller caged tippers, wait and loads and crane lifting vehicles.

For more information or to book a collection please feel free to contact us.