A great deal of people view their car as more than just a means of transportation; for many of us, our car is frequently a source of pride and joy.

Sadly though, there comes a time when even the most beloved cars reach the end of their road. Whether that’s the result of spiralling repair costs, accident damage, or the age of the car itself, when it’s time to part ways with a vehicle, the process can seem like a daunting task.

However, that’s where Total Metal Recycling comes in. As a leading vehicle recycler with scrap yards in both Surrey and London, we are a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), that purchases, recycles, and processes all types of scrap cars and vehicles, while consistently adhering to strict environmentally friendly standards.


In this article, we will go over everything you need to know to quickly and easily get your unwanted car or vehicle scrapped with Total Metal Recycling. We will cover every stage of the process, from getting a scrap car quote right through to the paper work you will receive once the process is complete.


Before your car is actually scrapped, it's wise to find out how much value the vehicle still holds. Even if it’s an MOT failure or a non-runner, the vehicle will still hold some worth, and Total Metal Recycling will still purchase it.

The fastest way to find out the value of your scrap car is to use our quick and easy online quote system, which is linked to the DVLA and UK Vehicle Data. Simply enter your scrap car or vehicle registration number and postcode into the quote system, and you will promptly be provided with an instant quote based on the current market value.

If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed, simply fill out your contact details and click the accept button at the bottom of the quote. We will then send you an email confirmation and arrange either for your scrap car to be collected by our collection team or for you to deliver your vehicle to our car scrap yard.

Customer handing over a v5 logbook for a scrap carPREPARE YOUR SCRAP CAR OR VEHICLE’S DOCUMENTATION

When it comes to scrapping your car, ensuring you have all the necessary paperwork to hand, will streamline the process and help avoid any complications.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013 stipulates, as a legal requirement, that anyone wishing to scrap a vehicle at a car scrap yard, must provide the following documentation - 

- V5 registration document (logbook) for the vehicle. 

- Photo ID (a valid photo drivers licence or valid passport).

- Proof of address (a recent utility bill/bank statement showing your address).

We will also need your bank details to enable us to make a payment in the form of a same day BACS transfer.


Once you have completed the above steps, there are just a few things you need to do to prepare you scrap car before it gets collected or delivered to our site. 

First, ensure you have the key to the vehicle so we can transport it. Alternatively, we do offer a specialist vehicle lifting service for vehicles with no keys or that are badly damaged. 

Second, remove any house keys from your cars keys when handing them over (we have had to return many of these in the past). 

And finally, carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle to ensure no personal belongings are left behind, including kids and the mother in law. Unfortunately we cannot return these once your car enters the “crusher”.


Once your scrap vehicle has entered our scrap yard, you will be issued a certificate of destruction (COD). This is an official DVLA document that confirms that your vehicle has been scrapped legally and de-registered with DVLA. 

We hope you found this article useful, but if you still have questions regarding scrapping your car, visit our Scrap My Car page for more information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.