Welcome to the first official news post of our brand new Latest News page, part of our newly updated website!

Over the coming months we will be sharing company and industry news, helpful guides and articles of interest, enticing readers to enjoy and keep up to date with the fascinating journey of TMR.Laptop displaying the TMR websiteAs a well known name among British, European and worldwide metal recycling companies, TMR strives on becoming a creative, modern blue chip company, with a twist of old school morals. They drive their business through modern day society, employing talented social media professionals to exhibit their success.

Managing Director Nathan Pidgley stated “As a fast-growing company, TMR offers many services whilst strategically investing heavily into new equipment, transport and technology. We feel this Latest News page will keep our customers updated with news, offers and insights of our exciting journey.”

Stay tuned as TMR has many exciting articles and offers to share.